“Genesis will be a place to explore searching for the next big thing while trying to stay alive and safe, a place for creativity and playfulness, you can take the role of an aggressive solo player and ferociously hunt down animals and other players or you can hide in the mountains and set up a farming community with your friends. We hope this appeals to your taste as much as it does to us.”

Genesis is a Video Game project destined primarily for PC. It is a Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter, Open World, Sandbox, Survival game that is set to challenge the player to explore, craft and make key decisions on how to survive.

The main Goal is to stay alive and for that purpose the players will need to hunt and gather resources such as food and construction materials in order to build their shelters and protect themselves against the hostile environment.

Chronologically Genesis is set way ahead of our times in an unknown planet for the player. The fact that we are in the future does not mean this is an exclusively Sci-fi game. Genesis is being developed to have the player pass through 3 distinct stages:

A primitive stage that starts when the Player Lands on Genesis with nothing, but a combat knife and rations for a few hours. The player will strive to search for his first resources and learn about the environment. For example which plants are edible and which are toxic. Situations like this and more will set a true challenge on how the player will create his first tools and weapons.

A Contemporary stage where the player is aware of his environment and starts to make use of all the resources around him. The player will learn how to build more powerful weapons and better structure type building components as well as crafting better traps and venoms.

And a Futuristic Stage Where the player will learn and have access to highly advanced resources that allow him to create Sci-Fi structures, Tools and weapons.

Because we do not wish to turn Genesis into a fruit salad of concepts we are smoothing the primitive and futuristic eras to blend with the contemporary. Even though we are on a primitive stage we don’t expect to see a lot of medieval weapons on early stages or atom pistols on later stages. Those types of weapon that could make the world end suddenly and violently !

We are working on an original and interesting way to tell the game story to the players, for now I can tell you that Genesis is a planet that suffered a tremendous natural disaster and recently recovered in an unnatural way. As for the Player, he is Ex-Military Bounty Hunter hired by an interstellar agency to do a job that went terribly wrong, he is now alone in an unknown place with no clear way on how to get home.

We will update the story as we decide on how to tell it, some parts player will know at the start, while others the player will come to understand while playing the game. Backers will have the option to claim a story document if they wish, bearing in mind that it might spoil some aspects of the experience.

If this is the type of theme/game you would like be involved with and play, please participate, subscribe to any of our social media accounts and if you are so inclined, support us by pledging on Indiegogo ! Stay tuned and help us shape this game into a masterpiece !


We are developing Genesis for 1 year now and this is what we have done so far:

YouTube Channel

Steam Greenlight Concepts

Here is a more detailed explanation of our Project:

First of all, we must understand that Genesis is in a distant Future, a planet that has been habited by humans before and that we are going to see and experience some terrestrial resources as well as alien ones that were brought through travel as well as natural selection and evolution.

The world is huge! That on its own is a fantastic feature. In this massive world the player is going to be challenged in many different ways. The proper understanding of resources available and its use will be the difference between success and failure.

First I will explain you the Wood and Stone resources

Wood and Stone: these are everyday basic resources, they will be needed from day 1 and they are the base for most of the primitive tools and weapons the player will have access to. As you can see a “Tree” provides 2 types of resources “Seeds” that can be replanted by the player and “Wood” that can be crafted further into several other crafting materials. This example serves for most of these Flow charts, they are self-explanatory and obviously some materials will require processing. For instance, in order to create “Charcoal” you will need to burn one of the pre-requisite materials such as “lumber”. “Stone” can be gathered from “Stone deposits” and used to make tools/weapons/structures or crafted further for extra options.

Then we have the Metals:

There are 4 Types of metals:

“Iron”, “Prottum” which have similar properties to copper, Omnel which has similar properties to gold, but have a totally different look and Lyrtum which is a Liquid Metal. While the first 3 above mentioned ores can be smelted for processing, Lyrtum is quite special and is a valuable resource, its story is connected to the Planets abnormal recovery and is basically a highly versatile metal that requires specific tools to gather and process, but can generate any of the first 3 metals after being processed.

A special feature about the metals and the stone is that while gathering there is a small chance of getting a mineral out of the operation. These random special minerals can go from precious stones to basic minerals that we will discuss in our next section.

Next we have the Minerals:

Minerals can be obtained in its respective deposit as well as randomly while mining stone or metals. There are 4 types of minerals projected to start:

“Volpya” which is an electric composed mineral being a source of electric power for more advanced structures weapons and gadgets.

“Tyminite” which is a thermal composed mineral and will be a source of heat and fuel for advanced structures weapons and gadgets.

“Salt” which will be used in various ways such as the crafting of early gunpowder as well as conservation of food supplies

“Sulfur” which will allow crafting of explosive devices as well as other items in combination with the other resources.

Minerals will be rare to find and our idea is to introduce a way for the player to be able to manufacture them by combining different chemicals in a proper plant at a later stage.


As shown above plants will provide a variety of options, from “Fiber” to ” Rope”, “Vegetables” or “Medicine Powder.” they will play an important role on how the game develops, they can also be regrown at your desired location by extracting their “Seeds”, so if you wish to dominate the Ink market in genesis you might be able to set up a full farm of Berries and other plants that will allow you to obtain ink.

And last we have the Animal Life

Once you kill one animal you can start collecting resources from it, “Fur”,”Meat”,”feathers” etc. All these are examples of materials provided by the animal wildlife in Genesis. We hope we reach our stretch goals in order to complete our vision of having a “breedable” system where the player would be able to breed animals such as boars, pigs, rabbits, dogs, pigeons etc. This would take the game to a whole new level where you will not only want to protect yourself, but also your animals and pets! Exciting huh ?

Now that we have a general overview of what resources are planned for Genesis World, it is relevant to say that we are not closed in any way to adding more resources to the game, be it plants trees or animals we will be open to all types of suggestions from everyone interested in participating in the development.

We have our grasp on the main structure of the resources, but gameplay will be require further understanding especially involving the learning process of the recipes/blueprints/plans that the player will have to go through in order to craft an item. While simple things like a stone hatchet the player will know how to craft by default, there are other things like a Rocket launcher or a Plasma Pistol that the player will not be able to craft until he learns how to actually craft it. The learning process of the player is designed to ensure that the Primitive stage exists, meaning it will not be after 30 mins of playing the game that you will hear bombs blasting or guns firing, the learning will be a whole process which I will describe in the next flow chart

This can be confusing, but in fact it is quite simple. I’m going to use the P390 pistol example and it serves for any item that will require learning. First we need to understand there are 2 types of items that we can come across:

Working: this item is fully operational and working, can only be obtained through other players (be it a gift or stolen).

Damaged: This item is jammed and damaged, it serves for the purpose of studying, but it does not work (in this example the weapon won’t fire) ALL ITEMS FOUND IN WORLD THROUGH SPAWNING ARE DAMAGED!

Once we establish this we can understand that in an early stage all advanced weapons that players will find are broken and in order to create a replica we will need to study it!

Let us look again at the image we can see we are trying to study the Pistol P390, If this weapon is working as long as we have a “Study bench”, “Paper” and a “Pencil” we can dismantle it resulting in “100% ready Plan”. This can be read once and we will be able to craft that weapon forever providing we have the resources and structures necessary for its creation. If the weapon is damaged you will require the same components, but will result in a “25% ready Plan” (store this plan and keep searching for similar weapons) once you manage to go through this process 4 times you can combine them and finally have your “100% ready Plan”.

so resuming this system will cause the game to remain at a primitive learning stage for as long as players cannot find the required amount of items to dismantle, this doesn’t stop the game in any way as you will still have bows and crossbows and other melee weapons to defend or attack your enemies, but everyone will be in a similar situation. Once you fully learn a weapon, it is your choice to pass a working one to a friend for example to let him learn or even sell it for resources to other players which are not directly working with you. Balance will be key, we don’t want to be boring, but surely we do not wish to have players running around with chemical weapons after 10 minutes of playing! So contemporary weapons like a ak-47 or a desert eagle will spawn more often than advanced weapons which will necessarily cause the contemporary stage to happen before the futuristic one.

Once we understand the basic mechanics of the game we can have a general overview of our intentions here, overall Genesis will be a place to explore searching for the next big thing while trying to stay alive and safe, a place for creativity and playfulness, you can take the role of an aggressive solo player and ferociously hunt down animals and other players or you can hide in the mountains and set up a farming community with your friends. We hope this appeals to your taste as much as it does to us.