Our Story…

Blindshot Interactive is a Indie company that was born out of passion, its purpose is to serve this passion and to spread it to anyone that loves the video game industry.

André Pires and Walker Twyman founded Blindshot in summer 2014. After discussing the projects viability and agreeing on a theme for the first project was time to get hands on the job.

Under this limited amount of human resources and given the magnitude of the project Genesis, the name Blindshot made most sense, and maybe we are really good at aiming or we are simply lucky but the fact is that the first project is well underway and 80% of the elements and features that will exist are already up and running.

As time went by our team expanded, we kept the name and the structure, we will never forget where we came from.

Blindshot Interactive goal is to provide quality entertainment, we strive to create the best possible product and to listen to our subscribers and customers in order to perfect our work.

In order to strive in this industry we will surely need support. Any help is welcome and every comment is valuable. don’t be shy to contact us and give us your opinion.

André Pires
Lead Artist

One of Founders of Blindshot Interactive, he oversees the visual aspects of our projects. Passionate about games and its industry since childhood, and with over 7 years experience in animation and 3D art for game engines he takes pride in his work and always wants to make things look as best as possible... even if it means to start all over again !

Walker Twyman
Lead Programmer

Also Founder of Blindshot Interactive, He leads the coding department as well as any major critical decision involving our projects. A strong artist background and some insane game coding skills make him an all round game developer.His 10 years of experience working on games and projects feed knowledge into the rest of the team, and we are yet to find a question about video games that he does not know the answer !

Jorge Simões
Video and Sound engineer / 2D artist

Experienced in Cinema and Sound as well as a strong background in 2d Art, Jorge provides the team with artistic knowledge and good vibes. Since turning into the game industry Jorge has been improving his skills and adapting his vast past experience to produce quality game content. Creative beyond belief he is able to start working on a tool concept and end up with a light saber katana !

Mauro Martins
Marketing Director / 3D artist

Despite his main task at Blindshot being to show our hard work to the community, he is also a true gifted artist. With a programming background and years of intense gaming Mauro is a natural in this industry. His commitment to make things right and to deliver it fast as impressed all of us. Direct and to the point like if there was no tomorrow !

Matthew Farmer
Game Programmer

Specialized and passionate about AI, Matt is a computer science student with a few games fully created by him. it was time to apply all that knowledge into something bigger so he tackled one of the most complex tasks the game industry has to offer. With the dream of being a great name in the game industry and the will to do and learn whatever it takes to be in control, we are really proud to have him on-board !